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Make a Dog's Day ~
Be a Volunteer!

We're looking for people who would enjoy coming out to spend time with the dogs. There's lots of space to play and go for walks, plus a full agility course for them to try out their skills. We'd also love help with bathing and brushing to keep everyone looking their best.

Our dogs are friendly, happy and healthy, and we are truly a no-kill sanctuary.

Any time you could volunteer would be greatly appreciated!

Hours: M - S: 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 2 until 6 pm
(Other times may be possible
by appointment.)

Adoption Procedure

The dogs we do have up for adoption will only be adopted into homes committed to continuing their healthy, natural lifestyle.

We'll be happy to guide you through
food choice, vaccination
protocols, amazing home
remedies, and safe products to
use in and around your home for
everything from flea and tick
issues to safe cleansers
and non-toxic lawn products.

The dogs are all healthy, happy
and very, very well socialized.
They're used to a very active
ifestyle, so
that's something that
prospective homes will need to
take into consideration. Our guys
all get so much exercise that
they're very fit ~ we don't tend to
have many couch potatoes!

Adoption fees are $250.

*If you would like to check on the availability of a particular dog prior to completing an application,
please email.

Due to time constraints, we prefer initial contact be
made through email.

The dogs may only be seen by appointment.

Adoption Application


The Problem with
Companion Animal
Limit Laws

Got a Mutt?
Want to find out all you
can about her/him?
MetaMorphix has a DNA test that
can tell you once and for all
what special blend of canines
it took to produce
your unique companion.
Check out CanineHeritage.com
to find out more.

Pawsitive Energy and
The Spay/Neuter Incentive
Project & Sanctuary
is home to 80 animals,nearly
all rescues or "hand-me-downs."
There are currently over 50 dogs
living with us.

All of our animals have the
promise of a home for life, and
their care is privately funded by
the Day Camp and Bed & Biscuit.


The Rest of Our Crew
Not Pictured
On This Page

Can Be Seen Here:
The Gang * Page 1
The Gang * Page 2

(All the +/- 80 animals who live here can be found on these three pages!)


More of
Our Sanctuary Dogs
Be A Fairy Dog~Mother or Doggy~Daddy!
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has gone to the Rainbow Bridge



Ezra and Bug
Bug (w/Ezra)


Al has gone to the Rainbow Bridge




Morgan has gone to the Rainbow Bridge

has gone to the Rainbow Bridge


has gone to the Rainbow Bridge


We lost Theo in May 2008.
Theo was 12 and was my best bud
for two years. I will never
forget his sweet face ~
and how excited he always got when
I asked if he wanted to go to Starbucks.

We lost Daisy in June 2008.
Daisy was 10, and was our sweet girl
for six years. She was the perfect lady
and a gentle presence
we will never forget.

Miss Holly
We lost Holly in May 2008.
Holly was 14 and was
our girl for one great year.
She was a funny little old
lady who walked into a house
full of crazy dogs and never batted an eye. It was like she had lived here forever.

We lost Stan in May 2008.
Stan was just a babe.
He had just been with us a few weeks
when we lost him to Parvo. He left us all
with broken hearts. If only this
little guy could have gotten
one more chance...

We lost Ez in September 2008.
Ezra was 10 and had been
a huge part of our hearts
for five years.
Nobody could catch a ball like Ezra,
or loved a good game of fetch quite as much as he did. It made all of us very happy that that he got to play until the day he died.

We lost Pook in November 2008.
Pook came to us last December
from a high kill shleter.
She was three months old
and had a bad case of Parvo.
She recovered, but the disease
had damaged her heart beyond repair.
Pook, we really thought you could beat it.
No dog ever fought harder.
I thought
you would be around to
terrorize the other dogs forever.

We said goodbye to Uncle Oso on
Thursday, 7 May 2009.
He was such a part of the family - such a good natured old gentleman.
Oso started coming as a client when we first opened the business,
and eventually never left.
Bye sweet Osososo.
Meet you at the Bridge.

Syria ~ Doggy Therapist ~ We lost Syri in June 2009
1998 ~ June 3, 2009
Syri just showed
up on my front porch one day in 2000
and never left.
Losing this sweet, sweet girl was one of the hardest things we've ever
been through. She was diagnosed with Leukemia on Friday, and five days later she was gone. Syri was one of the original Virginia crew, and made that LONG trip up with me in
November 2001. Syria never did one bad thing in her entire life. Syri Sue, you were our angel, and life without you
will never be quite the same.

The Amazing Chelsea  ~ 2001
December 21, 1993 ~ June 6, 2009
Another of the "Virginia Woofs" Crew
I met Chels on her very first day of life,and brought her home two months later. She picked me by planting a paw
on either side of my face and
giving me a huge kiss. She was
always a feisty girl, taking after
her Whippet "Momma," Flannery
(of the "Literary Litter").
She and Flanny both died just short
of their 16th birthdays. Chels Bells
dined on steak for the last week of her life, grilled and pureed by her wonderful Dad. We will always love you, Chelsea.

1997? ~ April 2010
Always sweet, always happy, loved
nothing more than to be out in the
sunshine with her girls.

I can not even begin to put
Karl's life and the huge role he
played here at Pawsitive Energy
into words. Not seeing his sweet,
silly face has changed this place forever
for all of us. Karl. I love you.


Jonah ~ At the Rainbow Bridge















Be A Fairy Dog~Mother or Doggy~Daddy!
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Be A Fairy Dog~Mother or Doggy~Daddy!
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Pawsitive Energy

Adoptions & Volunteering

The Dogs
All dogs are spayed or neutered, wormed, heartworm tested, microchipped,
and vaccinated according to holistic vaccination protocols.

Our dogs will only be adopted into homes that will continue with
our natural care protocol. Click here for an explanation.

We do not adopt to out-of-state homes.

Click Here for Adoption Information

Click Here to Make
a Tax Deductible Donation


Our dogs have four daily playtimes,
and our enrichment activities include
exercises recommmended by
Traci Shreyer, DVM, Animal Behaviorist with
The OSU College of Veterinary Medicine,
and energy work as recommended by
Susan Wagner, DVM, Adjunct Assistant Professor,
The OSU College of Veterinary Medicine and
Co-founder, The Coalition for Animal and Human Welfare.

Not Ready to Adopt?
Consider being a Fairy Dogmother or Doggy Daddy.

Click Here for More Information


Gabby is a five year old Terrier cross. She's irrresistibly adorable,
petite, bossy and very high energy. She does not do well with other dogs.
She's currently a house dog, so she's
getting manners and house training, and is doing very well with basic obedience.
This little charmer will have you wrapped
around her paw in about 2 minutes.

Obediah Obie in the Snow 2/09 Obediah

is a six year old Field Spaniel /Cocker cross. He is a serious cutie;
sweet, fun, well mannered and good with most of the
other dogs we've introduced him to. Obie is learning
basic obedience and house training, and is a perfect gentleman.
His forever family will have to be willing to answer the questions,
"What kind of dog IS he?" & "Where can I get one just like him?"
on a regular basis!

Tyrone Pibble Yates
Ty 10/08
Tyrone is a six year old Staffordsire Bull Terrier. A "Pocket Pit Bull,"
Ty is only about 25 pounds, and about 20 pounds of that is his head.
He's our little "stud muffin," because he REALLY loves the ladies.
He must say all the right things, because he's a big hit with them, too.
Ty is not cat or small animal safe, but he loves his humans.
This little guy is alllll muscle, super athletic,
scary smart,and is on his way to becoming an amazing dog.

has had a rough time in his young life.
He was found by a Kentucky Animal Control Officer in horrible condition.
He was skin and bones, with a collar that had grown into his neck.
Several good samaritans got involved in this boy's life, and have
been been working toward finding him a home.
We adore him, and he is a perfect gentleman with us,
but, probably because of his past, Kuma
has developed some aggression issues.

Kuma must be an only dog,
and he must go to a home with humans who are very
experienced with working breed dogs who have experienced extreme cruelty.

After several years at PE, Kuma has left us for the Rainbow Bridge.

Jello & Puddin

Jello & Puddin's neuter and spay have been paid for
by a generous donation!

Puddin has been adopted!
Puddin and Jello Jello and Puddin
  Jello  Puddin has been adopted!
Sweet, smart and cute, Jello and Puddin are two little ten month old
(as of 1/09) German Shepherd / Plott Hound mixes. They both have giant paws,
so there's a good chance that there is a big dog somewhere in the family tree.
They're being socialized with dogs of all sizes, and are good as gold.

They want me to tell you that they both learned to sit in about three minutes.
Jello has been climbing all over the agility equipment. Puddin is a
real cuddler. They're great dogs who would love to be
your bestest buddies.

Puddin is now Penny and she has a great new home!

Carmine & Stella
Have Both Been Adopted!

Stella and Carmine Stella ~ Adopted!
Carmine at 14 weeks Stella at 14 weeks
 Carmine and Stella are purebred Jack Russell puppies born in January 2008.
They're extremely sweet babies, with typical JRT personalities.
They must go to homes with experience with the breed, fenced back yards,
and no children under the age of 10.

Sister Dorey has already gone to her new home
and is doing great with Big sister Chae!

Stella and Carmine have wonderful new homes now, too!


Little Bananna is a purebred JRT, and she's momma to Stella and Carmine.
She didn't fare well in the puppy mill, and, while she's fine physically,
the abuse took its toll. Nanny so wants to be loved, but it's hard for her
to trust new people. She needs someone who is
patient, loving and kind who will let her come around at her own pace.

Arwen & Aspen
Aspen Has Been Adopted!

Arwen            Aspen ~ Adopted!
Arwen and her sister, Aspen, (the "Little Girls")
were two puppies in a very large litter who wound up at
the Union County Humane Society. The girls came to
us as fosters at about three months old.
We posted their photos on Petfinder, and took
them to as many adoption events as we could manage.
Though lots of people fell in love with the girls,
no one has ever decided to make them part of their family.

The girls have gotten used to having an extremely active lifestyle,
with the opportunity to run for several hours every day.
Potential adopters must be able to provide a very active lifestyle.

These girls show us what "living life to its fullest"
really means, and we love to look out our back door
and watch them chase each other around the yard.

Aspen has been adopted and is loving her new home!

Manny  Manny
Manny is a six year old handsome, loving, sweet Yellow Lab cross.
He has really matured into a nice, mellow boy, and he's
ready to settle in on his forever families' sofa.

We're working on obedience, manners,
and "problem solving" Doggy Puzzles and Manny is doing great.

He's been great with the girl dogs in the B&B; boys are another story.

He does love his people!


Thelma Running with Dusty  Thelma and Dusty in the Snow
Thelma is a seven year old female Treeing Walker Coonhound. She's a
very active girl, and needs a home that will be able to provide a lot of exercise.
Hounds typically will bay and dig if they get bored, and Thelma is no exception!
She's great with people and does well with mild mannered boy dogs like
Manny and Dusty.

She was in a foster home for several months,
so she has been housebroken and has basic obedience training.

Coonhounds are notoriuosly difficult to adopt in this area.
Please consider Thelma and give a hound a chance.

Murphy  Murphy

Murphy is a precious goofball of a dog. You've got to see him in
action to know what I mean. He's got the funniest style of moving
- like he was put together from leftover parts that don't quite fit.

Murph is another boy who needs to run! He does great with
the tough girls - he comes on too strong for some of the
more mild mannered girls in our pack.

Murphy has a tendency to have some minor skin problems.
Nothing serious, but he came to us with some hair loss
in small patches on his back and sides.

Good nutrition and lots of love and attention is the cure.

This is a dog whose antics will really keep you entertained ~
he's definitely a "You Tube" star in the making!


Our Sanctuary Dogs
We have signed the Declaration of the No Kill Movement!

   Jonah ~ At the Rainbow Bridge
Jonah is a beautiful light brindle boy with big,
soft eyes and a very sweet, quiet disposition.
He's gentle and easygoing, and very affectionate,
and he wins over everyone who meets him.

Especially when they find out that Jonah is blind.

We've been unable to housetrain this guy, and
we have some concern that he may have
some kidney issues developing.

Because of all his special needs, Jonah is now an
official member of the snips @ Pawsitive Energy Pack.
We promise him a happy, devoted home
and loving family for the rest of his life.

Sadly, Jonah has left us for the Rainbow Bridge. We miss him.

Jersey is a beautiful, seven year old Saint Bernard.
She came from a family who bought her at a pet store,
then decided to give her up when she got close
to being her full size, slobbery self. Jerz was up
for adoption for over a year, all the while
getting really used to her active lifestyle. Jerz
hangs out with Arwen and Aspen, and the three of
them are extremely fit and high energy.

We've had a few people interested in her,
but so many just had the attitude that
this was a cheap way to get a Saint,
and that's hardly the kind of home
we're looking for for our dogs!

Like the "Little Girls," now Jersey's gotten used to
this three and four hour playtime that
she gets every day, it becomes
almost impossible to find a home
where that will continue. (We thought we had one,
but they had little dogs, and Jersey is not too
good with the little ones. That was disappointing.)

We have a committment to our dogs that they wll only
to go to homes where their lives will be as good
or better than the lives they have here with us.

If we can't find that kind of home, they stay here.

So Jersey is now a permanent member
of the snips @ Pawsitive Energy Pack
and she is very, very loved by all of us here.
She and her buddies, Arwen and Aspen,
make sure that no one gets onto the property
without getting "the talk."
She's getting to be so very much like
her human mother...

Nottie    Nottie
Hypnotic is an absolutely gorgeous
American Staffordshire Terrier who was abandoned
with us after coming here for boarding. Hypnotic's
human spent very little time with him, and as a result,
Nottie had very little use for we human beings for
a very long time. We tried to get him into a Pit rescue,
but nobody wanted to work with him because
he didn't have that typical goofy, loving Bully personality.
(One rescue person who came out to meet him
told us she was afraid of him!)

Today, Nottie understands that some
humans are wonderful creatures. He loves an audience,
and will show off anytime there are people around to
watch. He's become very affectionate, and is just
a wonderful, wonderful guy.

Nottie has officially
become a permanent member
of the snips @ Pawsitive Energy Pack
and after a year and a half, finally
loves us as much as we love him.

Jonesy  The Mrs
Mr and Mrs Jones are inseparable
.They were found
abandoned in a cow pasture, frightened, dirty and adorable.

He is a sweet little imp of a dog,
with a big grin and a tail that never stops wagging.
She is a running and swimming machine. She is so
amazingly fast and agile, she looks like a gazelle.

I've never seen a dog make running look so entirely effortless!

Jonsey doesn't know a stranger.
Mrs does, and she is so very jealous,
and really only shows her loving side when
you can manage to pry them apart.

Jonesy is a Pit cross (maybe a French Bulldog Pitt cross).
That, plus the fact that he and the Mrs
are a package deal, has limited both their adoption options.

Mr and Mrs Jones are now official members
of the snips @ Pawsitive Energy Pack.
Their silly personalities and funny quirks
are so endearing that it's impossible
not to fall in love with them.

is another of our special needs kids. She's a very easily
frightened little girl, and it takes a while to get her to warm up to you.
Once you do, she still has a few little quirks to work on,
like letting you pick her up when she's on the couch, or letting you put
your hand in her crate, or lettng you touch her feet...

She's made a lot of progress in baby steps, and the fact that
she's EXTREMELY food motivated makes it easy for us to let her
know when she's got it right. After a year of work,
she still will bite if startled, so we
believe her issues are very deeply seated and
will never resolve completely.

Abby is now an official member
of the snips @ Pawsitive Energy Pack.


A Few More of Our Dogs Who Have Found
Their Perfect Forever Humans

Other Than Us ; )

Toby  Toby & Mom  
Jake, Toby and Harley

Stella ~ Adopted!

Aspen ~ Adopted!

Puddin has been adopted!
Penny (Puddin)






Luna Toons


Holly (Cordelia)


Molly Jo
Molly Jo


Alice  Alice and her family
Allie & Her New Sisters

Malley Sassy Jo  Malley
Malley & His Girls


Neville Nubbins

Robby (Clark)


Beautiful Stormy
Margot (Stormy)


Stan and Dorey


Henry (Apollo)

Sadie, Jayne and Owen
Owen (the Greyound) with Jayne & Sadie

And Also...


Stella (Petunia)


Janie & Deano


Tressel & Marley





      @Pawsitive Energy
Marysville, Ohio

937/243-5226 ~ 614/774-3472





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