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Marysville, Ohio


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Pawsitive Energy
"The Faces of snips" Postcards

Use These Adorable Faces
to Keep in Touch With
Friends & Family!

Scroll over the pictures to see each dog's
name and adoption status.

Abigail - Sanctuary  Al Price  Annie - Adoptable!

 Carmine - Adopted  Cayce Price  ~ Rainbow Bridge  1998-2008  Fella - Adopted!

 Flea Price  Jello - Adoptable  Kuma - Special Adoptable

 Manny - Adoptable   Murphy - Adoptable  Puddin' -  Adopted!

 Arwen - Adoptable  Stella - Adopted!  Tallulah - Adoptable

Thelma - Adoptable  Blue - Rainbow Bridge  Bug - Sanctuary

Carter Price  Chelse Price - We lost Miss Chels on  Saturday, June 6, 2009.  She was 15 1/2 years old  Cyrus Price

Dexter - Permanent Foster  Henry Price  Frank - Sanctuary

Dinah - Adopted  Gus - Sanctuary  Dottie - Rainbow Bridge

Eily W Price  Ezra - Rainbow Bridge  September 2008   Harry Price

Hypnotic - Sanctuary  Essmae (Izzy) Price  Jate - Special Adoptable

Jersey - Adoptable   Jonah - Rainibow Bridge  Jillian - Sanctuary

Justice - Adoptable  Karl - Rainbow Bridge  Lewis - Sanctuary

Liberty ~ Doggy Therapist  Lily - Sanctuary  Lucky - Special Adoptable
See Lily's Page

Maggie Price  Max - Special Adoptable  Morgan - Rainbow Bridge

Mr Jones - Special Adoptable  Mrs Jones - Special Adoptable  Antje - Permanent Foster

Uncle Oso ~ Rainbow Bridge  Our Sweet Pookie - October  2007 - November 2008  Puck - Rainbow Bridge

Aspen - Adopted!  Zack Price ~ Rainbow Bridge Sunny ~ Doggy Therapist  
Wyllow ~ Doggy Therapist Syria ~ Rainbow Bridge ~ We lost Syri in June 2009 Wyatt ~ Doggy Therapist
Gabby - Adoptable Tyrone Pibble Yates - Adoptable Poppa (Chico) Price

Pictures of Sammy, Timmy, Oliver, Janie, Deano, Beau Beefcakes, Jake, PJ, Parker,
Tippy, Chocco, Sacci, Ace, Daisy, Angel, & Bruiser to come!

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