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Justice for Gage
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Liberty & Justice
For All
Includes Pit Bulls

Liberty's Story
Libby is Now A
AKC Good Citizen!
Go Liberty!!!







Mr Jones


Punish the Deed ~ Not the Breed

Learn More:
Dog Attacks You Never Hear About
The Truth Behind the Tragedy
The Fallacy of the "Family Dog"

Ohio Breed Specific Legislation Nothing But "Feel Good" Politics
How to fight breed specific legislation
If Not BSL, Then What? - Effective Alternatives
Dog Politics: Denver's Killing Fields
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Pit Bulls: The Truth
How About Them "Pit Bulls," eh?



Pawsitive Dog
Pawsitive Energy
Pits Bulls for Peace, Liberty & Justice



Carter Pibble-Price

Photos from "Liberty & Justice For All"
Pit Bull Awareness Day ~ Here!

Let's Separate
the Reality from the Hysteria

"Given the choice between enforcing a ban on thousands of dogs because of one fatal attack versus trying to stem the far greater number of children killed by abusive adults, where would you focus your limited resources?"

Reality: On June 9, 2008, Minister of Agriculture,
Nature and Food Quality for The Netherlands, Gerda Verburg,
announced the ban on Pitbulls in that country will be cancelled
before the end of the year.

The reason for this was that
there was no reduction of biting incidents
since Pit Bulls were banned.

The ban was installed in 1993 after three incidents where
children were killed.

Liberty and Poppa

New laws will require
a behavior test
for any large
dog who shows signs of aggression
and will no longer focus
on breed or appearance.

Read "Dog Attacks You Never Hear About"

Sweet Nottie

Other countries are following suit.

snips is happy to join the many other wonderful groups who are
working to raise public awareness of the
horrible situation currently facing our Pit Bull Terriers.

Our own Pit Bulls will be acting as breed ambassadors to
show how the breed has been horribly misrepresented.

Pit Bull Blues
Justice doing Downward Dog
Thank you, John Shipe
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Meet Carter Price

  Carter Upside Down in His Kennel

I've raised this little guy from a five week old puppy.
He's not "pure Pit," whatever that might
mean, but he's "Pit enough" that if any
breed specific legislation were to be
enacted in our county or state, it would be
his death sentence
~ except we would move to one of the states with
laws against BSL before
we'd ever let anything happen to him or

any of the other Bully guys who live here.

Carter at Day Camp Carter and Al

Many states have banned
breed specific legislation.
These states have laws which
are directed at the cruel humans
who abuse and turn wonderful dogs of
any breed into dangerous dogs.


And their laws work.

Carter is not "a ticking time bomb." He's a funny, sweet,
so-full-of-himself-larger-than-life little character, and I adore him. He charms everybody he meets.

The typical "bully personality" is like that.

The dogs you read about (who often aren't really even Pit Bulls, but that's another piece of the ridiculous, unbelievable package of misinformation put together by those with their own agendas) aren't dogs like Carter. They're not cherished family companions.

And, believe it or not, those dogs are the minority.

Most Pit Bulls Are Well Trained, Happy, Loving Family Companions ~
Just Like Carter.

When you really look into the truth about Pit Bulls, the fact is that they score higher on behavior tests than Golden Retrievers. There are more Pit Bulls (the term represents a type rather than a breed, and it includes the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier) than most other breeds of dogs, so their statistical bite ratio when compared to other dogs (even when it includes the Mastiffs, Labs, Greyhounds, and all the other breeds and mixes of dogs who are often misidentified as "Pit Bulls") is incredibly low.

When these dogs are actually involved in an attack, don't let the "he was a family pet" stories fool you. That's almost always not the case - unless you consider a dog who is chained, starved and mistreated as a "family pet." That "family pet" stuff is pretty much just a cruel "owner" covering his behind. "We never had any idea this would happen" is legitimate only if you believe three or four previous bites and numerous warnings wouldn't give these "responsible owners" any inkling that their "family pet" might be aggressive. This is often the story behind the story, and it never gets reported.

Bites from the family Lab rarely even make the paper - or when they do, like the case of the woman in Great Britain whose Labrador Retriever tore off part of her face, the attack winds up being attributed to a Pit Bull.

The other story behind the story is that even the few deaths that are truly caused by Pit Bulls are in incredibly bizarre circumstances. An infant who was killed by Pit Bulls was actually thrown over a fence by her mother into the junkyard these dogs were trained to guard. A woman who was killed by a Pit Bull was actually tied up by her boyfriend, who then made the dog attack her. He was later convicted of her murder.

Show your support:
Go to Cafepress
and search for Pit Bull t shirts, magnets, caps, and more!


The Hysteria

These truths don't suit the agenda of those
who pretend to have our best interests at heart
when they propose to ban these wonderful dogs.

They see what they think is a "quick fix"
that could help keep them in office.
They don't care about the truth.

If they did, they would be working to protect us
from the real problem
- the people on the other ends of those leashes.

But that's not not nearly as easy...

" What's the big deal about Pit Bulls? I bite MUCH harder!"



The snips Pits

Carter  Mr Nottie

    Liberty and Poppa  Justice  

Poppa (Chico) Tyrone Pibble Yates (I)
"Our Pit Bull Mom Ate Your Hockey Mom for Breakfast!"

Don't Let Dogs Like Carter, Mr Jones,
Hypnotic, Liberty & Justice, Poppa, & Tyrone Pibble Yates (I)
be Killed to Satisfy Misinformed and Uncaring
Elected Officials at Any Level of Government.

If these guys have to go away,
Pawsitive Energy goes with them.

Pawsitive Dog

Pawsitive Energy
Marysville, Ohio

937/243-5226   614/774-3472









A New Concept in
Companion Animal Care

 How We're "Holistic"  
 The Bed & Biscuit
 The Day Camp

 Reservation Request
Directions & Address  
 Baths & ExtraSpecial Stuff
About Pawsitive Energy
 Comments From Our Clients
 A Job Good for Your Heart

snips@Pawsitive Energy
The Holistic No-Kill Rescue & Sanctuary

 About Our Non-Profit Rescue
 The "snips" Website
 Adoptions & Volunteering

"Boho Bow Wow"
 Pit Bulls For Peace
"The Faces of snips"
 The Kroger Rewards Program
Thoughts on Humane Living

The Spay/Neuter Incentive Project & Sanctuary*


Marysville, Ohio



in association with snips
natural care & positive activism



From the Humane Officer who found Liberty:

I recieved the pics of Liberty aka Baby. And yes tears of happiness fell down my cheeks. I dont remember every animal I've encountered but I will never forget her. She would growl, circle me and then whine. It broke my heart to see the condition she was in knowing this occured at the hands of humans -very ignorant ones at that.

God bless you and your endeavors,in educating the public to the plight of thousands of Pits discarded as no more than trash. Or for peoples amusement in dog fights.

All my reguards & love,
Humane Officer Kate Morton
Humane Society of Parkersburg
Parkersburg, West Virginia


Kate, we can never thank you enough for
saving this little girl's life. She brings us so much happiness ~ and a real sense of just how badly these dogs can suffer and be mistreated and still never lose their amazing, loving, totally endearing personalities. Liberty has become the Queen of our home, and everyone she meets melts when they pet that soft chestnut colored coat and look into that soft brown eye. Once they hear her story, they're hooked for good.

Love from us, & Liberty and Justice (our other Parkersburg Pit) ~ and all their fans!

Pawsitive Dog
Pawsitive Energy
Liberty's Story

Liberty Price, AKC CGC

     On a day that started out pretty much like any other day, an innocent little chestnut colored puppy with big, soft, brown eyes came into the world. It was obvious from the beginning that she had a special something, a way of looking into a person's eyes and seeing right into their heart - and she always liked what she saw.

     Liberty was taken away from her chestnut colored mother and her little chestnut colored brothers and sisters when she was still very little. The people who took her home with them liked her, and were good to her - if a little neglectful - but to them, a dog was just a dog. Even so, Liberty loved them with all her heart, and her long chestnut colored tail would swish the floor again and again as she sat and looked up into their eyes. She was naturally a well behaved girl, and she never got on the furniture or played rough with the children. She was very smart and learned to come when called and sit and stay just by watching the other neighborhood dogs. She always wanted to make her people happy.

     Liberty was left on her own a lot, and it made her very sad and lonely, so she began to go off on adventures while she waited for her family to come home. She'd visit the neighbors, play with their dogs, check in on the local cats, say hi to any squirrels and rabbits she came across, and just enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Sometimes she came home with a lost or forgotten toy, or with a treat from one of the neighbors.

     After one of her adventures, Liberty came home to have a little chestnut colored family of her own. The puppies were sweet and soft, and she was the best mother. She kept them clean and fed them well, and loved to snuggle with the little ones curled up tightly against her tummy. She loved keeping them safe, and she loved playing with them as they got bigger and stronger. But, one by one, her little chestnut colored puppies were taken away, and she never saw them again. She never stopped looking for them, and from the day she said goodbye to her last little one to forever, she treated every puppy she ever met like he was her own - whether he was chestnut colored or not.

     After her puppies left, Liberty was more lonely than ever, so she started going on adventures again.

     The thing about adventures is that there are good adventures, and there are bad adventures, and you never know which kind you're going to get when you set out. Liberty had never had a bad adventure, and she trusted everyone, since she saw so much good in every person she had ever met. But some people don't like dogs who can look into their eyes and see into their hearts even IF all they see is good. Especially people who can't see the good in themselves.

     So on a day that started out pretty much like any other day, Liberty met some of those people. They tied her up, wrote something she couldn't understand on her soft chestnut colored coat. Then they beat her. They hit her very hard and then left her for dead.

     But Liberty must have had a guardian angel looking over her that day, and - even if she was a little neglectful - the guardian angel decided that it was time to step in and do something for this little chestnut colored dog who never saw anything but good in people's hearts. The guardian angel decided that she couldn't let this little dog who was so full of goodness die like that today or any other day. And Liberty woke up. Her head hurt so badly, and she couldn't see out of one eye. She had cuts and bruises all over. But she wiggled and squirmed until she got one leg free from the rope, and then another, until finally she was free. She walked slowly to a place she thought she remembered, and laid down to wait for someone to come help her. She never doubted that someone would. And she was right.

     It took a little while, but a very kind woman in a big white truck stopped as soon as she saw Liberty. She trusted the woman and didn't even try to bite when she lifted her very gently and laid her on a blanket on the seat next to her - even though it hurt a lot. The woman kept one hand on Liberty's little chestnut colored head as she drove away, and with tears in her voice, she promised Liberty it was going to be ok. And Liberty believed her.

     The woman took Liberty to a hospital for dogs, and the people there came out to hold her and kiss the top of her chestnut colored head and in the tip of her little black nose. They washed the writing off her chestnut colored coat and gave her a shot so they could treat all her cuts and burns and bruises while she was asleep, because they didn't want to hurt her. After she woke up, she felt better. She still couldn't see out of her right eye, but it had stopped hurting, so she was glad. Liberty rested with those people for a few days, and then they took her to a place called an animal shelter, where more nice people came out to hold her and kiss her on the top of her little chestnut colored head and on the tip of her little black nose. She rested and got stronger and stronger every day.

     She liked the people at the animal shelter, but she knew she couldn't stay there for very long. The people worried about her, and kept looking at a date on the calendar, one that was circled in red. Sometimes they cried and gave Liberty extra hugs and kisses. But Liberty wasn't worried. Somehow she knew that something wonderful was going to happen. And she was right.

     On a day that started out pretty much like any other day, Liberty's human soulmate walked straight up to her cage, looked at her sweet face and her one big, soft, brown eye, and said, without skipping a beat, "Let's go home." The lady and her friend took Liberty and her friend, Justice, and put them in her truck for the long ride to "home." Liberty curled up and went to sleep. She loved car rides! The longer the better. Justice panted and turned over his crate so the lady and her friend had to stop, twice, to get him back right side up. Justice didn't love car rides. They upset his stomach and made him feel dizzy.

     Liberty and Justice loved their new home, and their new people adored them - and they had lots of other dogs and cats and horses for friends, and lots of places to run and play, and nice soft beds! Liberty finally had a family who didn't think a dog was just a dog, and who could easily see just how special she was. She knew she'd never be alone or sad again. And she was right.

     So what would happen to a little chestnut colored dog who could look into a person's eyes and see into their hearts now she only had one eye? Would she still look? What would she see?

     Of course she would! And this is what she saw: more good than she'd ever seen before. As a matter of fact, Liberty knew that she would never, ever, see anything but good, ever. And she was right. Because good was all Liberty ever looked for.

     So on a day that started out pretty much like any other day, a little chestnut colored Pit Bull with one big, soft, brown eye, sends you her love, and wishes for you to have only soft beds, lots of treats, plenty of friends, lots of kisses on the top of your little head and the tip of your little nose, and a family just like hers. Liberty and her mom are going to go out into the world to teach other people that dogs aren't just dogs, and that Pit Bulls aren't mean. She knows she'll look into a lot of eyes and warm a lot of hearts. People will stop being afraid of dogs like Liberty and Justice, and will start protecting them from the people who can't see the goodness in themselves.

     Liberty knows that, on a day that starts out pretty much like any other day, things will change for all animals - and people will finally learn how to look into their animals' eyes and just see the goodness in their hearts. And Liberty is always right.


Liberty's Story is being made into a DVD and
book, and, along with stories of the other snips dogs,
will be sold as a fundraiser for
Liberty & Justice and all their snips friends.
Please contact us at: wewoof@pawsitveenergy.com
if you'd like to find out more.


Pawsitive Dog

Pawsitive Energy
Marysville, Ohio

937/243-5226 ~ 614/774-3472



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