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Pawsitive Dog
Pawsitive Energy

Special Services


Special Services Designed to Make Your Dog's
Pawsitive Energy Experience
Even More Perfect ~ For Both of You!

* Baths & Basic Grooming
Natural Dog Foods

And ALL Proceeds from the Following
Over~the~Top "Spoil Me"Activities
Benefit Our Non-Profit Dog Rescue & Sanctuary

* NEW!! Afternoon Puzzles & Bubbles
* NEW!! Special Treats & Munchies
* Obedience
* Massage
* The Video Diary
* It's All About Me! Days
* Wash Em Yourself Baths

Special Munchies!
A little something to gnaw on ~
Long lasting treats for the afternoon naptime!

Healthy, Natural Chewies
Small ~ $3
Medium ~ $4
Large ~ $6
Extra-Large ~ $8

Frozen Kongs
Filled with Our Special Mix of Yummy Natural Canned Food
$6 each



Puzzles & Bubbles!
(There are pictures on the Nina Ottosson website. We'll have photos of our own soon!)

Talk about challenging! Have your puppy Einstein see
if s/he can figure out these specially designed puppy puzzles.

If not, there are always meat flavored bubbles to chase...

Afternoon playtime ~ $10

(I was so excited when I read about these in the
June issue of Whole Dog Journal that I went
straight to the computer to order them!)

See the Nina Ottosson website for pictures & more information on the puzzles.


"It's All About Me! Days"

Poppins says "We're on our way!"

How About a Really Special Day, When,
in Addition to Day Camp,
Your Dog Can:

* Go for a fun, country-smell filled ride in the car
(Maybe get an ice cream cone or a burger?)
* Take a nice long walk through a hay field
* Have a little couch time
(How about a movie and popcorn?)

* Enjoy an ear & paw massage
* Special requests are also considered

We've found that these special attention
days are great ~ especially for dogs staying a week or longer,
or for those who are a little less outgoing.

The one ~on~one time helps give that
little extra boost that really recharges
their immune systems and keeps them
from getting too homesick.

At least three hours of special, "It's All About Me!" Time
One Dog
~ $20      Two Dogs ~ $34

"Ready for My Own Bed"
Baths & Basic Grooming
With Nail Clipping, Blow Dry & Comb Out:
Dematting ~ $20/hr

Zack after a tough day at camp

Small Dogs
(under 15 pounds)
Short coat ~ $10
Medium coat ~ $15
Long coat ~ $20 - 30

Medium Size Dogs
(16 - 45 pounds)

Short coat ~$15
Medium coat ~ $20
Long coat ~ $25 - 35

Large Dogs
(46 - 65 pounds)

Short coat ~$20
Medium coat ~ $30
Long coat ~ $40 - 60

Extra Large Dogs
(66 pounds and over)
Short coat ~ $25
Medium coat ~ $35
Long coat ~ $50 - 75


New! Wash~Em~Yourself Baths
We provide a tub, warm water, shampoo, towels
(& a blow dryer if you need one)
$5 for little dogs
$10 for bigger dogs
$15 for even bigger dogs
(You make the call!)


"The Tune Up"
Basic Obedience, Manners, & Skills Training
For The Dog Who Loves a Challenge
These 15 ~ 20 minute sessions are designed to improve
coordination, build self confidence, brush up basic
obedience skills, and give the dog extra
one-on-one attention.  We use smaller versions of the agility
A-frame, dog walk, weave poles, teeter totter, and tunnel,
as well as a Buja Bord and ladder bridge to introduce some
new challenges for your dog to master, enhancing his/her
Pawsitive Energy experience.

15 - 20 minute sessions ~ $15


"Oh Baby!"
Massage & Reiki Sessions

Let us relax and rejuvenate your dog while s/he
stays with us! Lori is trained in canine massage,
Reiki and other hands ~on techniques
guaranteed to soothe and comfort your puppy
from head to toe.

Sessions include aroma and music therapy.

30 - 45 minute sessions ~ $35
15 minute mini sessions ~ $20


"One Day, at Dog Camp"
The Downloadable On ~ Line Video Diary

Our New Video Diaries Are Here

Watch your dog in action while you're away!
We'll record play time, treat time, bed time & new friends
so you can log on and watch at your convenience ~
and download to save on your own computer
when you get home!

5+ minute video, edited and uploaded to a special page
on the Pawsitive Energy website ~ $15

The video will be online by your dog's
second or third day (or at a date you request)
at the B&B.

Day Camp videos are also available.

Pawsitive Energy ~ So You Won't
be the Only One Having a Good Time!

Pawsitive Dog

Pawsitive Energy
Marysville, Ohio
937/243-5226 ~ 614/774-3472