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Pawsitive Dog
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Client Comments

~ About the Day Camp & Bed & Biscuit ~

Lori and Crew-
"Thank You for taking such great care of Hank and Beasely.
They came home happy and tired.
My husband and I enjoyed our trip because we knew Hank and Beasely
were in good hands. I also wanted to thank
the Pawsitive Energy group for being so good to Hank.
He can be very sensitive and he came home a happy camper.
Thanks Again for the great care!!!!!"
Keith, Sarah, Hank, and Beasely Conrad

"Lori, Thank you again for taking such good care of my babies.
The only reason I was able to enjoy the time with my children
is because I knew that my furry children where being cared for.
I would ask them if they had a good time but
I don't think they have been awake more that 10 minutes. (HA HA!)
They all fell asleep in the car on the way home... Bernie fell asleep sitting up in
the back seat with her resting on the back of the seat and she was snoring so
loud we almost had to turn up the volume on the radio.
I'm sure good times were had by all!"
Cheryl, Phoebe, Bernice and Gus

"Lori and Pawsitive Team-
As promised my pups came home happy and tired!
I can't thank you enough for your attention to detail and loving care
you provided both of my dogs! I know Gunther has... personality.....
and I worry about him being handled incorrectly when I am gone;
however, he came home tired and in better spirit
than I have ever seen him in!! This shows me that you
are true dog people ~ you understand how dogs think
and let dogs be dogs. I can't thank you enough for
the wonderful weekend you gave ME.
Not worrying too much about my babies
while I was gone was the best.

Both of my babies are still sleeping!
After her bath and massage last night,
I had to literally pick Karma up (with help)
like a sack of potatoes and move her to bed!
She was beyond asleep!! Gunther was even calm and well behaved
for most of the night! They even slept until 8 am!
They usually get me up at 5:30
(or earlier if they think they can get away with it)!

Thanks again for all that you do. Not just the day camp and
the boarding, but the rescue and the care for so
many dogs that need your help! Your farm really is a sanctuary!!"
LeAnne, Karma, and Gunther

"Making sure our dog is happy and comfortable while
we're away is very important to us, and Pawsitive Energy
goes above and beyond "happy and comfortable".
We know our pup is getting exercise, making friends, and most
importantly, being loved on... while we're away. The enormous
amounts of knowledge they have about animals
assures me that our Sammi is safe -- and
the pure joy she displays whenever she sees Lori
means we can enjoy vacations
without worrying about her for a single second.

The "Bed & Biscuit" is truly the best boarding situation
I've ever seen and we'd never leave our dog with anyone else."

Anya Beaupre, Hilliard

"I have been telling all my friends about you and
I think you have Sidney (white cute dog) my friend
Michelle's dog visiting you right now. You have been a great help to me
and your services are really wonderful."

Buffy Jansak, Columbus

"Lori & Co.,
Thanks again for Peanut's care over the last 4 days.
She is napping, surprise, as I type, and is happy to
be home with "her pack". She really seems to enjoy
staying there and we thank you for all you do."
Ron, Beth, Jayne & Alyson Lewis
and Peanut, too!

"My sister who lives in Hilliard sent me the link to your place.
It’s awesome! We have a “health food” store for dogs
and cats and it would be great to have a place like yours
nearby – especially one that doesn’t require
vaccinations. Anyhow, just wanted to tell you
it looks like a great place to stay, and I love your philosophy!"

Marlene Pine, All is Well, Charleston, SC

"Hello, and thanks for putting together such a phenomenal puppy
paradise! We've just moved from Florida in the past year, and have
been looking around Columbus for potential boarding spots for our
dog... nothing stood out, until seeing your website. Wow!"
Mark & Monica Chapman

"Just wanted to say thanks for taking such good care of Mattie
and sending her back looking beautiful! She always enjoys
going to Ohio to play with your gang, and
I know she has a great time. Thanks!"
Virginia Harris, Arlington, Virginia

"We were happy to see Emma when we got back,
but even more happy to see her sleep on the way home.
She has never been so good on a car ride!"
Fred and Gay Barnett

"We really appreciate you and your staff's hard work.
Bailey had so much fun! I felt so comfortable
leaving her with you for a week.
The farm is just perfect! Thank you!
Chad, Mindy and Lea Koenig

"Thank you, Lori, and your staff! Nola had a wonderful time and
we'll be sure to bring her back next time!
It was tough to leave her behind,
but you really made it easy on us.
I hope she behaved! : )
Molly Thompson and Adam Feurer

See Angie's List for More!

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for providing such
great care to Rudy and Bella during the holidays
this year (and with every other visit).
It's hard to leave them behind, especially around
the holidays, but it's such a relief knowing
they are having a blast in our absence.
Also, both of their coats are so shiny and
smell just wonderful after their baths!!
Thank you so much for the extra TLC you always give
our pups! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!!
Thank you!!"
Melia Doebele

"We wanted to both let you know we think the boys
had a great time at your place and that we think you
did a great job with them. The videos were well worth
the peace of mind they gave us on the trip as
the first day all we could do was think of them.
What eased our minds at the start of our trip
was the story of you spending their first night in the barn
with them as they were upset. What you described was
how I knew they would react from things they do at home
and so I know it was not just a story it was real
and it made me feel safe about where we left them
for the first time in their whole history of boarding.
I will definately think of your place in the future for boarding."
Eric, Erin, Brutus, and Mousse Klein

"We love the idea of Pawsitive Energy.
We try to be a very organic family. It's nice to see that we can
try to reflect that on our dog too and that
there are people who believe in a
"natural and holistic" life too."
Stephanie Dittelberger

"I just wanted to thank you all again for the wonderful care
that you gave to Woody. He slept for two days!!!
He will be back as I think he misses all of his new friends."

David K. Householder, Esq.

"Rocco & Vinny had a blast during their stay with you
on Christmas Eve! They probably would have told me all about it
on the way home, but they were EXHAUSTED and went to sleep
the minute I started the car!"

Cynthia DeVol

"Dear Lori, We just want to let you know how very much we appreciate
you taking care of Bailey each week! Bailey, we know,
is being taken care of well while having a ball, playing with
the other dogs! Thank you so much for all that you do.
We -I, Tom and especially Bailey - feel so lucky to have found you.
With heart-felt gratitude."
Michele and Tom Engberg, Columbus, Ohio

"Leni goes to daycare 3/x a week, and is thrilled to see Lori.
It is wonderful to know that she is
so well cared for while I am at work !!
Melissa Eubanks, Columbus, Ohio

"My hound mix, Abby, is a real "velcro dog". Before I adopted Abbyher,
she had been through the shelter system at least twice.
As a result, she is really sensitive to being left in a kennel environment. I've left her at the Bed and Biscuit twice,
and I can see how much she loves it every time I come to pick her up! It's such a relief not to worry at all about leaving her to enjoy an out-of-town trip. Lori is so great with Abby; she's very understanding of all Abby's special needs. Lori's the first person I call when I have to board my dog."

Kelly Ball, Columbus, Ohio

"Thank you Lori for taking in Diesel (our special boy)
into your day care! I know a one year old Pharoah Hound
is not easy to look after and keep amused.
He is busy during the day playing and running with
other hounds and comes home happy and sleepy.
It is almost like having a different dog!
He is no longer a crazed beast from the time
we come home until bed time."

Renee Needham, Dublin, Ohio

"I want to thank Lori and Lowell for taking such good care of my Bella while I was on Bellavacation. Once I saw how much they loved animals and how well cared for theirs were, I knew I had found the right place for Bella. I was glad that she got to spend time with other dogs and cat (and birds). I wanted her to have a doggie vacation while I had my own and that is just what she got. I know she had a wonderful time. Again thank you so much, and take care."
Teresa M Finan Fresneda, Columbus, Ohio


"I want to thank Lori for all the love and care she gave our girl Brynne during her first stay away from home. She understood we were nervous and was very patient with us and very understanding. Brynne will be back soon I am sure."
Mark & Amy Albee, Hilliard, Ohio

"We want to thank Lori and Lowell and their family
for taking such good care of our spoiled Siberian Princess,
Brynne for 2 1/2 weeks while we were in France.
Lori knew I was a nervous wreck about leaving Brynne.
She kept me informed by email and helped us to have a great trip.
When we got back our girl was healthier, freshly bathed
and ready to go home. Even though her manners were not the best
sometimes while she was there, they took great care of her.
We can not reccomend them highly enough."
Mark & Amy Albee, Hilliard, Ohio

"Thank you so much for taking such loving care of Alex.
He was pretty pooped for a few days but is back to his energetic self.
It's soon time for his summer haircut.
The work you did on his coat will make it so much easier.
It is obvious that you spent a lot of time on him.
I know we will see you again!
Thank you, Thank you..."

Nancy Nauer, Columbus, Ohio


"I just wanted to thank Lori and Lowell again
for being patient and wonderful animal sitters.
Skyy was a rescue who was abused, and she is still adjusting
to other people. When I picked her up she was so relaxed with
both Lori and Lowell, and if they can make friends with her,
they can make friends with any animal.
They are such good babysitters, and it is nice to know
you have some place that you feel totally comfortable
leaving your fur babies!
Thanks again
Ali McIntosh, Clintonville, Ohio

    TinyElvis&shoe   Ellie

"When I die, I want to come back as one of Lori's pets.
Her care, attention and affection for animals is way over the top,
and I would hesitate to have anyone else take care of
my kids when I'm out of town. Incidentally, when Lori is petsitting,
I rarely "check in", because I know she's there, and that she'll
call me if anything happens (good, bad or otherwise.........)."
Lee Thornbury, Columbus, Ohio

Luccia  Koda

"Just a note to say THANKS to Lori
for taking the time out of her busy schedule to give our girls love
while we were on vacation. We were away for 8 days
and Lori did a great job in helping me not worry
about them while I was away.
Lilly (Chihuahua), Kelly (Weimaraner), Alex (Lab)
and Angel (Calico cat) are all greatful that she was here
to feed them!!! Thanks again Lori, and keep up the great work
that you do. We really appreciate having you.
Let me know when you need a vacation,
I would be happy to take care of your gang!!!"
Andrea and Bob Gassert and the Girls, Columbus, Ohio

Redd    Athena

"abe and i wanted to say thanks to lori and lowell,
without them that our beloved friends, redd and athena
would not be having so much fun with other doggies and kitties
while we moving across the country. the time, energy and love
they invest in caring animals everyday is beyond words. thank you so much."
jo and abe alexander

  Daisy  Darby

"I know that you're probably tired of hearing this by now,
but I really appreciate that you took such good care of my babies...
| You've gone above and beyond the call of duty,
and I'll certainly tell that to anyone who calls."

Dara Helwig, Gordonsville, Virginia

"When I picked my dog up from Lori,
he looked healthier and happier than when I left him.
She did a fantastic job
of caring for him!"

Kevin Cahill, Charlottesville, Virginia


Please call for more references.

Pawsitive Dog

Pawsitive Energy
Marysville, Ohio
937/243-5226 ~ 614/774-3472