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Marysville, Ohio


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May 2010

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There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. ~~Ben Williams

Pawsitive Dog
Pawsitive Energy
The Gang * Page 1
These guys are all "ours" - and we are "theirs!"
Put your cursor over the photo for their names

 Sweet Sesame  
Sessie ~ My Very Best Friend Forever
1994 - February 2005

Goodbye, Miss Lilly. Nothing will ever be the same.
...And Welcome Back as Miss Emme Lil!

You knew I couldn't live without you.

Eily W, Price -- also known as E, Easy, and Eily Eily No  

Izzy (Essmae)

Colby & Simon (Simon, we'll see you at the Bridge, buddy!)
  Jillian on the new furniture...

Cayce in the snow  Radar ~ We still miss you so much!

Wyllow the Whippet  Duncan the Loud 
Syria staking her claim  Cooper
Pretty Miss Delilah Puck in the yard at "snips"

    Colby & Spencer (Spenders, you were Daddy's Favorite!)  Tansy, our greyt greygirl~ We miss you, sweetie!  

Duncan & Lilly face off

The Rest of the Gang ~ Page 2

Pawsitive Dog

Pawsitive Energy
Marysville, Ohio